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If your computer dead, we are able return back to normal without losing any data.

Why Kiancomputer?

• Fast and reasonable price

• Availability and flexibility for the after service support

• International service support, anywhere in the world will able help and support computer issue

• Available professional service for the Data Centre and any Rack, Servers, routers, switches and networks

• Network and standalone printer support

• Support mail Server, Backup server, DHCP Server, DNS Server

• Active Directory, OU

• Able repair the dead motherboard

• Repair GPU and any chips

• Repair any issue on the circuit board

• Professional disaster data recovery

• Professional website designer

Kian Computer is able to demonstrate very strong ability with and knowledge set of Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, and Microsoft Office, Adobe,...

Internet Security service, Data Recovery, Phone Service, Web Satellite TV, Security Cameras


Whether you are using your any computer product for fun or business at home or gaming computer, Kian Computer can help you fix the issues that you have on your computer.

• All-in-one  • Alien-ware  Computer • Acer  • Compaq  • Dell  • Gateway  • HP  • IBM  • MSI  • Sony  • Toshiba  • E-machine • Touch Dynamic


*Updating* Everything you need to know to defend your computer from Spammers, fishers, and hackers. What Spam is, who is hacking, anti virus and firewall program usage, complaining to legal authorities, and getting hackers and Spammers kicked off the Internet.


 You've got nothing to lose and everything

to gain.

 Kian computer services are listed below:


Needs Data Analysis. Or Data Recovery

Network Design Hardware and Software Purchasing and Leasing

Wireless and Network Security.


Custom Software Development and

Business network plans

Database Design,

Remote Computer Support

Recovery Planning Technical Support Plans

Web Design Information Technology Project

Computer and Software Training Consulting


Windows Blue Screen of Death:

What Could Cause It


Computer repair Desktop PC's Toronto, Thornhill, Markham


Hardware related causes:

External hardware devices are installed improperly.

One or some of hardware devices are malfunctioning,

 such as RAM, CPU, and internal hard disk.

New hardware device is incompatible with each others.

Motherboard over heated

Graphic card issue


Software related causes:

Not enough free space on the partition where Windows is installed.

Driver of your hardware is out of date, especially graphics driver.

Install incompatible Windows update or program.

Virus issue.

Windows kernel corrupted.

Boot files get damaged or corrupted.

System files corrupted.

Bug of Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and else.

BIOS is out of date.

BIOS is  over clocked.



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