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Toronto Computer Repairs

Kian Computer offers computer repair services in  Downtown Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Scarborough, Markham, Toronto GTA. (Lake Shore, Lawrence Ave, , Steels Ave, Don Mills Rd, Yonge St.)

• On-site support and help for the computer issue.

• Fixing computers with the affordable prices.

• Apple MacBook Pro, Laptop repairs (all brands/kinds).

• Gaming computers and laptops from all brands: Alienware, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, E-Machines, Asus, HP, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Acer, Gateway, generic or custom built computers.

CPU Fan stuck laptop getting over heating

We will support all editions and versions of Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP

Any issue such as: windows has a booting problem, windows loading very slowly, windows getting blue screen, windows restarting, Internet access getting fail. Windows has a virus,  Login problem,..


Would do like to install fresh windows 8.1 professional or windows 7 ultimate edition on your laptop or desktop

Hardware Requirements

1 GHz or faster x86 or 64-bit processor, 2 GHz processor or faster recommended.

 1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 2GB or more recommended for graphics features,

 60 GB available disk space for best performance.

 Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.



Microsoft Office

2007 Enterprise Editions

2010 Professional Editions

2013 Professional

Anti virus & security software

Internet security

Business & home Office software

Operating systems

PC backup & maintenance

Burner software & creation

Photo & video editing

Graphics & design

Website design

Foreign languages

Hobbies & Interests

Computer Repair and Data Backup ServicesResidential and Commercial Computer Repair Services available in Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill,  Scarborough, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Concord, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.Toronto PC Repair ExpertsOur Computer Technicians are highly qualified with over 10 years of experience in fixing computers and network related issues. Our experts can service all makes and models of computers such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, IBM, MSI, Lenovo, Sony, e-Machines, etc. We can remove viruses, spy-wares, fix errors, remove private Internet browsing history, upgrade PCs, Laptops, install and troubleshoot networks - wired or wireless, and give you tips and advices for the any issue. We are the best offering to repair Computer in Toronto, ours  technicians also provide services such as hardware or software upgrades, installation of accessories such as printers, scanner, fax, etc. Also we doing troubleshooting for the any home or business IT needs.If you have a question to ask, don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Effective and affordable computer services in Toronto (GTA)For most service calls in Toronto we will repairs at the same day.We are in Toronto's the best computer service and value.We offer highly competitive rates and quality repairs. For more information, all of our hardware prices are guaranteed (we match or beat prices offered by major discount Computer stores such as Best Buy and Future shop in the Toronto area). Another reason why our service is the best for you, that you can set a budget and we'll let you know what can be done with it. we have a additional Computer repairs in Toronto to offer you free information on computer maintenance and Internet security. Many Years Trusted Toronto Computer Repair Service.Above all the quality repairs and installation services that our technicians have. We pride ourselves on 24 hours customer service and satisfaction.Kian Computer have the best repair service in Toronto that you can trust. Contact usKian Computer's mission is to provide you or your business with the high quality service and cost effective IT solutions based on your needs or budget. We pride ourselves in providing residential and commercial customers cares in Toronto with the best possible computer repair services and technology consulting for the best price. Most of our valued customers came  through word-of-mouth marketing or referrals. We can assure you that once we service your computers. You will happily refer our services to your family, friends and relatives.Kian Computer is consulted to forward environmental protection for the futures. We will also explain why these problems have occurred to prevent future issues with your PC. Kian computer will protect from everything. We are always happy to help. Just contact us.  

Whether you are looking to outfit a new location from the ground up or are making decisions about adding a new application to your existing system, Kian Computer provides budget-conscious recommendations that take into account your immediate and long-term goals.


We create plans for the next five to ten years of your business, anticipating plans for expansion and adding additional employees. This forethought ensures that your dollars are spent wisely today, while avoiding costly retrofitting in the future.

Computer Network Planning and Consulting

Remote Support Services:

  • Server and Workstation Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Network, Computer and Server Repair and Maintenance
  • IT Operations Management - Server and Network Monitoring
  • Network Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • Telephone Assistance & Support
  • Remote Dial-in for Technical Support
  • Server Hardware Service Including Hard Drives, Memory, & Backup Devices.
  • Network Operating System Maintenance
  • SANs, NAS , Hubs, Switches, Routers & Firewall Support
  • Network Administration Services

Benefits of Remote IT Support Services:

  • Get immediate remote support when you need it.
  • Save time by avoiding waiting for a tech to come on-site.
  • Schedule monthly remote service and maintenance.
  • Get Bundled Service for Remote Data Backup
  • Proactive server maintenance and support
  • Discounted rates on network installations

Our IT professionals help you make the right decisions for your organization. There are many options and it can be frustrating to identify which features really matter for you. As business technology consultants, we help you evaluate and determine where inserting new technology will most help your business. We analyze your existing hardware and software and develop strategies for making it compatible with newer technology.


We will designs networks that conform to the highest security standards and we develop metrics for productivity that track up-time and other factors to measure the effectiveness of our solutions. When clients tell us where they want their business to go, we develop the plan to take them there

Surveillance systems

DVR with 1 channel supporting the IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) cameras

•Mobile Surveillance with Eagle Eyes, compatible with many popular mobile platforms, such as iPad, iPhone, Black Berry, Windows Mobile & Android.

•Remote Surveillance with Browsers and CMS


Kian Computer will take care you, if you are on this boundary for any more information please call us.

We will fix any computer networking issue at the shortest time.

Network communicating issue.

Security cameras remote access failure. Or public IP issue.

Wireless network or cable.

IP conflict for the computers or cameras.

We support all the brand of DVR or IP camera systems.

Network printer, print server, managing the print service.

Protecting the network from virus or any scam, spams, mickey mouse.. programs.

Setting up the backup server to be ready for automatically backing up the important data.

Relocating the office network, computers or phone systems.

Kian Computer is the first choice for the residential and commercial to recycle unwanted computer and electronics part in Toronto (GTA).

Call Now 647-500-5105


Recycling Electronics Part, such as Computer (CPU) Laptop, Desktop, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner..


We will come over to pick up your unusable part for recycling. Kian Computer makes it very easy to get rid of unwanted electronics. Kian Computer keeps E-waste out of its ensuring these items are either recycled or safely disposed of. Kian Computer offers this free recycling service to residents living in houses (put unwanted electronics out on garbage day) and apartments and condos. Also Special offer for the Commercials and business. Kian Computer take care for the recycling by Kian Computer keep your city Green. Call us and explain to us we will give you more information and we will let you know how is works?


Are you thinking how to recycle your unwanted products?

Are you worry for your data?

Are your worry how to recycle

Are your worry how to clean up your area from unwanted electronics parts?

Now is the best time to start growing your business on line with your very own website--choose from SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM Website. Each website package is complete with value-added features, your choice of cutting-edge designs and eye-catching graphic elements, and the tools essential to building strong relationships with your customers.


 Choose a website package that's right for you.

Website Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


$120per month*

 +  $350 setup fee

By Kian Computer’s entry level start-up package for small businesses who just started and wants to see how Kian Computer can help start visibility.

 This package includes:

Website Design

• 3 HTML Pages

• Choice of Design Template

• Up to 10 Graphics per Page

• Website links

Website Hosting

• 15 MB Storage Space

• 2 GB Monthly Transfer

• 3 Matching Emails

• Technical Support




$140 per month*

 +  $450 setup fee

 For established small-medium businesses or companies with products or services that requires more focused details and explanation to break against competition.

 This package includes:

 Website Design

• 5 HTML Pages

• Choice of Design Template

• Up to 10 Graphics per Page

• Website links

Website Hosting

• 25 MB Storage Space

• 4 GB Monthly Transfer

• 5 Matching Emails

• Technical Support

Value-Added Features

• Flash Graphic Animation


$160 per month*

 +  $550 setup fee

 For established businesses or companies facing stiff competition and wants to have the complete business website design package that will inform their customer about the totality of their business for brand positioning.

 This package includes:

Website Design

• 10 HTML Pages

• Choice of Design Template

• Up to 10 Graphics per Page

• Website links

Website Hosting

• 50 MB Storage Space

• 6 GB Monthly Transfer

• 10 Matching Emails

• Technical Support

Value-Added Features

• Online Form

• Flash Graphic Animation


Sell your products through the Online services


We will offer you the essential tools you need to showcase and sell your products on the Web. These packages combine our Website design and hosting packages with advanced Online sales tools, providing you more ways to build your Online sales.


 Select an E-Commerce package that fits your industry.


E Catalog

$230per month*

 +  $650 setup fee

 For businesses who wish to sell products or services on the web by posting your products through a product catalogue, this packages combines our feature-rich website design and hosting packages with advanced Online sales tools, providing you more ways to build your Online sales.

 This package includes:

Website Design

• Up to 10 static HTML Pages

• Choice of Design Template

• Access to Catalog Admin Site

Website Hosting

• 300 MB Storage Space

• 15 GB Monthly Transfer

• 1 MySQL Database

• 10 Matching Emails

• Technical Support

Value-Added Features

• Online Reply Form

• 1 Macromedia Flash Element


E Store

$250per month*

 +  $700 setup fee

 For businesses who wish to sell products or services on the web through e-store, this packages combines our feature-rich website design and hosting packages with advanced Online sales tools, providing you more ways to build your Online sales. This package includes:

 Website Design

• Up to 10 static HTML Pages

• Choice of Design Template

• Integrated Shopping Cart

• Access to eStore Admin Site

Website Hosting

• 500 MB Storage Space

• 20 GB Monthly Transfer

• 1 MySQL Database

• 10 Matching Emails

• Technical Support

Value-Added Features

• Online Reply Form

• 1 Macro-media Flash Element

Take advantage of the following items when you available of our custom web design packages:

•Your Choice of Website Design as Unique as Your Business

Send us your content and US Website Builder will build your website for you.

•FREE Web Hosting and Technical Support for 1 Year

We'll provide a home for your website as well as matching email accounts that you and your staff can use-backed by technical support available any time you need help.

•FREE Flash Animation

Let your customers experience a visually engaging website with Flash graphic animation, available with Gold and Platinum website packages. We'll animate your logo, a graphic image, or your marketing slogan (up to 400x200 pixels) to hook your visitors.

•FREE Online Form

 Your Platinum Website Package account provides you a form for collecting information (inquiries, feedback, or orders) from your website visitors.


Call for any support (647) 500-5105

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